Our mission is to build the world’s most innovative, entertaining, and captivating media brands, creating value for our team, fans, and partners.

Offbeat is a rapidly growing media startup based in Atlanta, Georgia. We are building a next-generation global media company, fueled by our 1 billion+ follower-owned and brokered social media network, built to reach Gen Z and Millennials. Our clients and partners sit at the intersection of culture, lifestyle, and entertainment, and include some of the most recognizable apps, brands, and record labels of this decade. Our company is building the future of social interaction and is rapidly scaling a team of self-starters, innovators, and top-of-the-line critical thinkers to help us lead our market into, and through, the next decade... and beyond.

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Life at Offbeat

What do you get when a few scrappy, social-obsessed people come together on a mission to build the world's most innovative, entertaining, and captivating ****media brands? A friendly work environment characterized by fun, innovation, hard work, and looking out for one another—oh, and plenty of memes shared in Slack from tomorrow's trends.


"What I love most about what we're building at Offbeat is we've earned the freedom to create. We worked tirelessly for years to build our media platform and work in the depths of our industry, now it allows us to scale new media launches to our hearts' content. We're creating hits without constraint." -Christopher Travers, Co-Founder


"Take the time you need."

Our remote-friendly team enjoys unlimited and flexible time off. We prioritize our employee's health and well-being over everything. We encourage each other to take the time we all need to recharge in order to operate at peak performance. We do not limit vacation, sick, or personal days.

"I love working at Offbeat because each day brings something new and exciting. There are limitless possibilities since we are still building this company from the ground up. Having a rockstar team full of innovators definitely helps in this regard!" -Meriah Grove, Marketing Manager


Plan for Life

Offbeat offers healthcare coverage, retirement fund matching, and more benefits for our employees, in addition to the strides we take daily to look out for one another.

More Information

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Social Company, Social Life

We organize bi-weekly activities such as happy hours, murder mystery parties, trivia nights, and group game nights. (These are fully remote throughout COVID-19, and we hope to come together in person when safe, while also treating our remote employees.)

"I love working at Offbeat because every day I get to brainstorm alongside a group of creative (and hilarious) minds. At Offbeat, my interests have quite literally become my job, and I’ve been given the freedom and responsibility to bring ideas to life." -Nell Jones, Production Manager


Encouraging Health, Being Well

In 2021, our company launched a monthly wellness challenge to encourage cross-team socialization and wellness. Partaking in physical activity or reading outside of work earns you points, and the team with the most points at month's end receives a prize! Then... the teams get scrambled!

"Working at Offbeat means the perfect balance between individual creative freedom and team support. Every day looks different, and I wake up actually excited to show up for work! I’m worried I may have peaked already…" -Emily Berk, Creative Manager

Page last updated: March 17, 2022